Stepping Stones offers the opportunity for your children to be provided with a healthy and nutritious breakfast, ready for the day ahead, then to relax in a safe indoor and outdoor environment after a busy day. Balanced snacks throughout the day will be provided, with input from the children themselves selecting for upcoming weeks, exploring the importance of eating healthily and also eating from a selection of our own homegrown vegetables/fruits that the children tend and ultimately harvest from our garden; seeing the complete cycle ‘from the seed to your plate’. Further to our ‘being healthy, staying healthy’ philosophy the children will join the walking bus system we have in place to ensure the highest level of road safety and awareness (as well as a vital form of exercise to start and end the day)

Gardening: To grow flowers from seeds or bulbs and to grow vegetables (tending the plot, harvesting the crop and cooking or preparation to eat, eg. we make amazing potato salad and delicious jam). 

Arts and crafts: Lots of craft materials available every day and planned activities around the seasons, additionally with specific sessions discussed and decided by the children, eg. how to draw cats/your pet/faces/still life, etc). 

Nature and the world around us: Learn about our brilliant British wildlife, eg. learn how to identify trees, garden birds, butterflies and wildflowers through a wide range of different activities plus lots of time in the garden. Children may choose and develop their own wildlife interests and projects; learn which animals hibernate (and why) plus life cycles (eg. watch and record tadpoles develop and grow).


"Amazing preschool, everyone is made to feel welcome and excellent​ staff that go above and beyond" Max’s Mum